Ivan S.

At work, the company started to have problems. After a call to the agency found that employees were stealing from the company. It was decided to vetting…

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If I just did not apply to your agency , it is likely that we would still be living with my husband who constantly cheated on me . Sure, it was painful…

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Thanks to the staff agency for clarification of the situation. Thanks to you I did not put money into an unprofitable business. For a few days the situation…

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Surveillance specialists

Each person's work is his second home, where he spends most of his time. Well, for managers and owners of their own companies, this is also a native child, which must be protected, both from external and internal enemies, which is very useful in the surveillance of the office.

Surveillance of a person on the street

No matter how strong and open the relations in some families between children and parents are, sooner or later the moment comes when the child begins to grow up and hide some things from his moms and dads.

Professional surveillance of his wife

If you look at certain things correctly, then the head of the family is a man who is responsible for all his household



Yuri and Ales

Recently, we went out of town , to the country. Our 18 -year-old son was left home alone . It is quite independent , so we were not worried . But when we got home, we are very much afraid : his son was not at home . On the phone he did not answer . We reach someone before him all day, but it did not bring any results. We even went to the police . But there was no news . We were just on the verge of a nervous breakdown . We started looking for ways to find my son . And our friends are advised to contact the detective agency . We chose the " Private Detective Chernigov" . A few days later sonny has been found: it turns out, while we were working in the country, he and his friends began to "walk ": they went with a company in a nearby town and started to drink . On the last day they were so drunk that were " sleep " is not clear whom. The guys stole all the money, phones and everything of value that was . Therefore, the son could not get in touch . Thank you very much for the agency that brought back our son.


I was in a panic . My husband just took it and stopped to spend the night at home. He said that he met with friends, that they are having fun and nothing more. At first I did believe , and the meeting went on and on . Naturally, I suspected that my husband was cheating on me . My best friend gave me the address and advised me to apply there. I listened to her advice and came to the agency. I was greeted like a regular customer , listened carefully , asked all the little things . I gave a small deposit and the investigation began . Less than a week later I not only learned that it was a friend (not his friends ) , but also recognized her name and place of work (all due to the high professionalism of the detective ) . I was very surprised by the speed and professionalism of the staff. Yes , the service was not cheap , but it was worth it ! How many nerves I saved just by contacting the " Private Detective Chernigov" . All advise as necessary to address it there.

An anonymous client

Just recently I opened a business in a completely new field . We can say more - a completely new project , with almost no competition. To the project were involved only the people tested . For a time, until the office was to be repaired, all the important events discussed in my home. After the repair, I began to have a strong suspicion about the fact that the office is on the tapping . I decided to apply to a " private detective Chernigov" and not a mistake . Workers quickly checked the room - it was simply crammed with listening devices ! After a bit of cleaning , we have continued to work in a relaxed environment . And I now know who to call in case of need. Thank you very much. This review as a sign of gratitude.

Ivan S.

At work, the company started to have problems. After a call to the agency found that employees were stealing from the company. It was decided to vetting by the polygraph. It is a pity that you can not bring an action only, as indicated by the polygraph, but the employees were laid off and got the "recommendations". Unpleasant. But the agency thank you very much, you saved me from a big embezzlement.


I am a very long suspected that my wife is someone! Himself a lot of time spent on surveillance for his wife - but all to no avail! I was nearly destroyed in the past a great relationship! Even being on the nerves, I decided to turn to the detectives. After some hesitation chose "private detective Chernigov". After my treatment, they spent spying on my wife. It turns out that her lover was a close friend of mine! I never would have thought of that. Now, I left my wife, and I do not communicate with one another. Who needs a "friendship."


I met a girl at the center of the city during the holiday. I was so modest knowledge of it, I would have never found it myself. After sitting on the Internet, he decided to apply it to you. I could not believe it when two days later I got a call from the agency and said they found her! It's incredible! You guys are great! Thank you very much!


I am very much like my girl. We met a few years, and I realized that I needed to get married : we are ideally suited to each other, we have a lot of common interests. But somehow, to my mind crept doubts: Is it true to me ? I'm a very jealous , so jealous of each friend , constantly checking her phone and the page on the Internet . I always imagined lovers and enemies of our relations. I simply started to fly off the rails - ever arranged quarrel sitting on sedatives began to drink. My friends could not see more than I wind the self. My best friend gave contact your agency and said he would check , I will ask for help or not. I decided to turn to. The agency I listened very carefully , find out the details. I was so surprised when I was told that the results will be in the near future ! I gave everything and was just waiting for the result. These few days have been for me a real torment : I always wanted to tell the girl that I sought the help of experts. A few days later I received a 100 % proof that my girlfriend was faithful to me. It turned out that all of my jealousy - just my imagination and speculation. Now I 'm sure this girl is married! Thank you very much , you're the best !


A few weeks ago I just stole her purse on the street. It was extremely expensive phone and important documents (or even a purse with a round sum). I would not even return anything, but a friend advised me to apply to "private detective Chernigov". Agency staff were identikit, found the witnesses. After 4 days the offender was found, and things returned to me! Unbelievable! I was surprised by the high professionalism of the agency's employees. Thank you!


After a major accident that occurred in the country because of the driver of BMW, my car was broken . Unfortunately , the car was not insured , and damage was very large : the money would have to collect a few months ( at best ) . A work colleague recommended to apply it to your agency . We did so : they turned to you in the agency was asked to track down the culprit of the accident, as well as any witnesses who may have seen what happened and corroborate . Within a week, agency staff found witnesses , and later the culprit was found. Thank you so much for having saved us a lot of money and aggravation !


I do not really like to tell the details of my situation. Nevertheless, the problem has been (and very large) . It was necessary to do something. I have to ring out a lot of detective agencies , but no I did not like : some price was too exaggerated , some smell of frank amateurish . My choice was a "private detective ". And I was not wrong ! You work really professionals. This quality of the work I did not expect ! Everything is made even more quickly than I expected ! In general, you are a super - agency ! I recommend it for you!

Family Tarasenko

We thank the employees of the agency "Private detective Chernigov" for help in finding a missing dog. We're desperate: our statement at the police station was not even referring to the fact that they have a lot of things more important. We're desperate, but decided to apply to your agency. Now our "family member" back home. A sincere thank you and a successful work!


I would like to thank the agency for participation in the resolution of a very important issue. The court found me a set time in 3 weeks to establish paternity. This time there was very little, and so I turned to your agency. Thanks to the expertise of DNA made ​​in a very short period of time (2 weeks - it's very fast), the court found my father. Thanks to you, I have a child! Thank you!


Contacted the agency, when I suspect that my machine interface can be tracked. At first I thought it was my imagination. But I work at a job that involves a lot of corporate secrets. A colleague recommended it "private detective Chernigov". Workers checked my car and found it "bug". Thank you very much, because if it were not for you, the car (which, by the way, very cheap) could well contribute to the loss of reputation, and even in general could steal. Thank you once again.


Thanks to the staff agency for clarification of the situation. Thanks to you I did not put money into an unprofitable business. For a few days the situation has cleared up and I lost a large amount. Thank you very much.

Family Vassiliev

The son of the school had the task of drawing up family tree. I remember my husband and grandmothers , great-grandmothers of some ... and ... distant relatives we did not know ! After that we just lit up the idea of ​​making the deepest family tree. We spent a lot of money wasted on all sorts of quack sites on the internet that is not given any results. On the advice of friends, we decided to apply to a " private detective Chernigov" and decided to start the job from the beginning. After 10 days of waiting, we have provided information about our ancestors for 400 years! We were in shock ...! Cropped up a lot of interesting facts ! It turns out that our ancestors were large landowners ... You know, it's such a joy - to know who you are! Thank you very much !


I had the unpleasant situation . I began to notice that the house began to disappear money. We , of course , we live together, but my child did not need anything . I suspected that he brings things to earn money for drugs. I decided to go to a detective agency , but my problem was rather unpleasant , but not urgent . However, the agency sympathetic to my problem. As it turned out , my son was playing cards for money and lost a relatively large amount. To cover its debt , the son began to sell things from home . Naturally, I paid all the debts of his son , and held a conversation with him . I hope he knew that was not right , and this will not happen. But I have not addressed in your agency , broke a lot of time to head to myself and thought up all sorts of reasons ...


Thanks to the agency found other, which lost contact with after service in the army. He was last seen in the 90m year. Your workers found him very far away from home, the ocean! A sincere thank you.


I hesitated a long time before contacting a detective agency . It all started with the fact that our relationship began to deteriorate sharply . I love my girlfriend , we meet a few years and we are going to get married. However , someone is always trying to destroy the relationship. Still , after reading the reviews, I decided to apply it in the " Private Detective Chernigov" . Agents listened carefully to me , asked to speak to some of the nuances . As it turned out , we were really trying to embroil ! I could not believe my eyes and ears when I saw the report submitted by the detectives . Thank you very much , now everything is fine and we are happy again .


Thanks agency for the help! Recently, I had doubts about the way of life of my son. He constantly left for the night, said that the club goes to work. I'm a very restless and distrustful , I always thought that the son is not a job, but just hang in bad company , drinking or using drugs and generally just killing time wasted . So I decided to apply it to you. Thanks to your work, I learned that my son just works on paper , of which he was embarrassed to tell us. Thank you again so much for dispelled my doubts about his own son .

Anonymous firm

My business requires a very honest and responsible employees. I often got into trouble because of bad frames. A colleague advised to apply it to your agency. Knowledge of human psychology, your employees and the use of the polygraph can recruit the best and most loyal to the experts! Thank you very much. Consider getting a grateful repeat customer.


If I just did not apply to your agency , it is likely that we would still be living with my husband who constantly cheated on me . Sure, it was painful to know the whole truth , but life in constant dark it is also not the best choice. Turning to you, I still had a little hope that everything is fine and my suspicions are confirmed . However, in the short time I was given a great compromising material . Naturally , my husband (whom we already divorced ) did not expect such a turn of events. I gave him all the material collected by detectives . It is difficult to imagine his face! After that, he gathered his things . Well, I've calmed down and I continue to live on.

Family Bielawski

The moment came when our son began to behave strangely : stopped going for a walk on the street, kept to himself . We began to worry too much and have head and share a multitude of ideas : from drugs to problems with the law . But watch out for the time his son was not: we still have a small child and a very demanding job . On the advice of a family friend , we turned to the detective agency " Private detective Chernigov" . Within a few days, detectives have given us the video. It turned out the local bullies bullied our child is constantly taken away from him food and money . From the evidence we went to the police station and forced the hooligans fully accountable for their actions. Son , of course, knew nothing. We decided that if anyone finds out about this , it reflected badly on his reputation . After a while Artem was again smiling , active and cheerful . Special thanks to the detectives for having acted very secretive. Well, we'll leave it a mystery. Thank you very much to you. Now, on any matter directly to you !


For many years I worked in a large company. My work is very dear to me. One day there was a bad situation: forged my signature on important documents. I would never do. Only because of your expertise has been proven that the signature forgery. And I came back the good name and reputation. You saved me, thank you.


Once again make sure the job is to be ordered from the masters. I am very worried about my baby. He constantly slip out of the house, came in very late, always thinking about something, but my questions really did not answer. I was beginning to worry and decided to hire the detective agency. It turned out that my son simply gave me a gift for the upcoming Day of Birth! And I was so worried, but it was in vain. Thank you very much!


At some point in your life, I realized that I have achieved everything I wanted : I have a big house , an interesting high-paying job , a strong family . Then I thought that after so many years should thank their classmates and teachers. After all, they taught me all that I can do : always moving forward to achieve what you want. After so many years, I decided that I needed to come to the reunion . But it was terribly difficult : of all their big class I spoke with only three people! My wife and I took up the search, but realized we did not make it. Then I decided to apply to the agency " Private detective Chernigov" . You can not believe in less than a month in my arms had contacts is all my classmates ! The agency did a great job. Classmates were found in the Americas, Europe , Hungary, Poland, Russia , Belarus, and even Japan ! Thank you for a great agency !


I have long wanted to buy a car . On the Internet I found the exact model I wanted . The price is certainly attractive. But at the same time there was great doubt : car cost much cheaper than anything similar cars . A good friend recommended to know whether the car is not listed as stolen . And immediately made contact your detective agency . I did not guess that it can be done so easily. In a very short time agency workers find information about the car as stolen . It turns out that ordering service at the agency , I saved quite a large sum of money. Thank you very much!

Anonymous Ltd. company

Before the signing of the merger agreement, we decided to check out your future business partners. There were doubts about whether the firm who or what is trying to be. So we contacted the agency "Private detective Chernigov". In no time the investigation was conducted and we found all the official and unofficial information about our potential colleagues. After obtaining the information of interest, the contract was signed. Now we constantly cooperate with the agency.

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