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I hesitated a long time before contacting a detective agency . It all started with the fact that our relationship began to deteriorate sharply . I love…

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Surveillance specialists

Each person's work is his second home, where he spends most of his time. Well, for managers and owners of their own companies, this is also a native child, which must be protected, both from external and internal enemies, which is very useful in the surveillance of the office.

Surveillance of a person on the street

No matter how strong and open the relations in some families between children and parents are, sooner or later the moment comes when the child begins to grow up and hide some things from his moms and dads.

Professional surveillance of his wife

If you look at certain things correctly, then the head of the family is a man who is responsible for all his household


Detective agency in Nosovka


No matter how many people live in the village, it's a big city one million or modest regional center, everywhere you may need the services of experienced private investigators, is no exception and the city Nosovka. And no matter what the crime was entirely in this city, you can count on our objectivity, professionalism and efficiency in conducting investigations. The most important thing for us - is to find the truth and protect the interests of our customers who are willing to entrust their problem detective agency in Nosovka. Our experts are ready to make every effort, no matter how complicated and confusing is your question. But besides that our detective agency is also involved in solving specific problems, which have absolutely no relation to the crime.

One of these areas of our work is to identify the betrayal of her husband or wife. Of course, the fact that appeals to us with the suspicion of adultery is not a guarantee that this is really happening in the family. And the goal of working with us is precisely in the fact to confirm the suspicions of our client or the client or disprove them. By the same people come to us with similar problems, because no one else will intervene in family affairs and figure out whether to change some of the spouses or not. The more that we guarantee one hundred percent retention of your secrets. And if your spouse does change you, her lover will be known only to you and to our employees. Conducted this investigation may in several ways. And one of them - a surveillance, which certainly will reveal her husband's infidelity to his wife, or vice versa. In this case you will be given the evidence, not just a dry verbal report of our staff.

In addition, because very often it is a betrayal of women leads to divorce, respectively, and the betrayal of men does not remain on the sidelines, you can use our lawyer. But most importantly, access it already when you one hundred percent sure that they are ready to take this step and can not forgive his mate, that he or she did not pass the test of allegiance, and succumbed to the temptation.

Another option to solve the problem of fidelity or infidelity - a lie detector. All you need - is to obtain the consent of their partner to undergo a polygraph examination. At the same time, we can not ask direct questions, but as a general dialogue in any case you will get from the person you are interested in information. Some of our clients to get the consent of her husband or the wife, themselves also passed such a test. But in this case you need to be sure that really have nothing to hide.

Surveillance of human

Almost any execution of a given order requires not only the professionalism and experience of private detectives, but also the use of modern equipment. This applies in particular of photographic surveillance of people. Naturally, this shadowing man should remain largely a mystery. Accordingly, we use the equipment in such a case should be hidden. We use modern techniques and technology when our customers need to check the premises to detect listening devices. But it is important to note that antiproslushka - is not only the technical equipment, but also just the experience of our employees, which allows to detect the process of finding bugs wiretapping cell phones, regardless of their place of installation. We are all too familiar with the basic methods by which spies operate when information is collected. Also you can use the advice of our experts to provide reliable information security database of your company.

Like our colleagues in law enforcement, we provide people wanted. But in this case we have a number of advantages. We are in this respect completely free from various regulations and similar frameworks that require a certain waiting time before starting to search for relatives. We also work with a variety of provided data and can help to find a person by phone number, or to organize the search for people by name. Sometimes find the surname is much easier than to find out the address on the phone. But it is important to understand that even the collection of information on databases phones of people is a very laborious and serious work that requires time.







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