For many years I worked in a large company. My work is very dear to me. One day there was a bad situation: forged my signature on important documents.…

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I had the unpleasant situation . I began to notice that the house began to disappear money. We , of course , we live together, but my child did not…

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A few weeks ago I just stole her purse on the street. It was extremely expensive phone and important documents (or even a purse with a round sum). I…

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Surveillance specialists

Each person's work is his second home, where he spends most of his time. Well, for managers and owners of their own companies, this is also a native child, which must be protected, both from external and internal enemies, which is very useful in the surveillance of the office.

Surveillance of a person on the street

No matter how strong and open the relations in some families between children and parents are, sooner or later the moment comes when the child begins to grow up and hide some things from his moms and dads.

Professional surveillance of his wife

If you look at certain things correctly, then the head of the family is a man who is responsible for all his household

Identification of adultery

For complete happiness in life, you need to be sure that the people around him can be trusted. To a large extent this applies to the closest: girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband. Often, this undermines confidence suspicion of treason, based not just jealousy, and a logical conclusion from the behavior of a person, his behavior and psychology. Also, special attention should be married couples to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Too often there are situations where , at first glance, the beautiful Union are beginning to threaten various circumstances that lead to suspicions of spouses in marital infidelity. In head thoughts creep in , how to check treason.

By suspicion of thought - one step! It would seem a simple suspicion makes a man or a woman aggressively look for matches with their suspicions : start trying to detect infidelity or independent verification of allegiance .

Here you will be able to see exactly whether there is any cheating . The staff of our agency at any time in any city (or country ), in private or public places will be able to find evidence of infidelity.

Identification of adultery

The methods used by our agency , you can allow any suspicions quickly. All doubts debunked as a result of the work of our detectives - we are happy to provide you with this information .

Naturally, no one will know that you have asked for help in such a personal matter for my family - we guarantee absolute confidentiality . In addition, we can provide the assistance of a lawyer or psychologist if necessary .

Verification of allegiance on a polygraph .

If you do not want to carry out any checks , and just decided , along with his partner to understand. How to check treason without any investigations? Your choice of a service is the polygraph - lie detector . It's quite simple and can easily resolve the issue of infidelity.

test of loyalty

You may want to check your partner's allegiance . You can arrange a beloved or elect a simple test that will reveal to you.

If desired , your spouse (with whom , you may want to associate all my life ) will be offered a little "surprise" . Checking husband's infidelity will be in the form of a chance meeting with a cute girl, and to test the fidelity of his wife at the meeting will be arranged with a wonderful man. Check whether your spouse will stand the temptation . About scanning for faithful know only you . The whole situation is thought out to the last detail . And you just have to make a decision about his fate .

Refer to the " private detective Chernigov" and choose the best way for you to check loyalty.