I met a girl at the center of the city during the holiday. I was so modest knowledge of it, I would have never found it myself. After sitting on the…

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I had the unpleasant situation . I began to notice that the house began to disappear money. We , of course , we live together, but my child did not…

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Arkadiev Yuriy

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Surveillance specialists

Each person's work is his second home, where he spends most of his time. Well, for managers and owners of their own companies, this is also a native child, which must be protected, both from external and internal enemies, which is very useful in the surveillance of the office.

Surveillance of a person on the street

No matter how strong and open the relations in some families between children and parents are, sooner or later the moment comes when the child begins to grow up and hide some things from his moms and dads.

Professional surveillance of his wife

If you look at certain things correctly, then the head of the family is a man who is responsible for all his household


Detective agency in Gorodnia


Detective Agency "Private detective Chernigov" also works in Gorodnia, this is a great team of highly skilled professionals who perform an extensive range of services, not only in the field of private investigation, but also in the field of personal and professional lives of our customers, carrying out her husband's infidelity or identification wife, producing fast and qualitative information gathering, organizing people search by last name, and more. Every employee of our detective agency in Gorodnia - is a professional in his field. We do not operate fans detectives, we did not cooperate with the graduates of law offices, we do not experiment with physicians who in theory know what DNA examination. But we carefully select each of our employees, as this does not only depend on our reputation, but, first of all, depends on the reputation of our clients' fulfillment of their tasks, and many other things that are important to our customers.

The betrayal of a loved one

Lately you have been noticing some strange behavior your loved one? He was too closed, she stopped to show excessive interest in his work? It has good reason to think about, and did not get up there some third between you. But you can indefinitely torture yourself unnecessary suspicions and not find out the truth about whether or not your wife has a lover. But to get one hundred percent reliable answer to this question will help you staff detective agency in Gorodnia who just need a few days to carry out the identification of the betrayal of her husband or the wife of our customers.

Of course, to say that it's just frustrating when you change someone, then do not say anything on this subject. But it is much worse to be in the dark and continue to believe the person for whom adultery has become a norm. We will help you shed light on the true relationship of your husband or your wife's infidelity which no longer remain a mystery. But it is from us, you will get only the facts, as a result of conducted surveillance. How to dispose of them, to file for divorce because of infidelity women or try to keep the family together, already will solve yourself.

But check on the loyalty of our employees detective agency in Gorodnia held not only in respect of spouses. Relationship - is the foundation of our lives, regardless of whether they are built with spouses, friends, partners or employees. And of course, that every leader and entrepreneur needs to close to him were the only ones on whom he can really count on. A clear already at the interview, if you arranged a reliable person or a spy, will lie detector. Incidentally, the polygraph test can also be used in the identification of family betrayals.

Tracing missing people

Search of people

Search of people who went missing - is an event that is not urgent. Unfortunately, the police did not immediately transgress search of relatives, but must comply with certain regulations that completely ruled out in the case of cooperation with a detective agency in Gorodnia. And our ability to do so is much broader, as we are not only able to find a person by phone number immediately after your treatment to us, but we do find people by name throughout the world, if the need arises. Our staff can work with a minimum of information provided. And even if you only need to set the address of the person or on the phone to find it by the name, we are always at your service.

Testing facilities for wiretapping

None of us is immune from spying. Businessmen are constantly under a special sight of its competitors, who are gathering information about their activities and sometimes willing to do anything to get access to their client databases. But also surveillance of a person can be conducted in the event that he is not aware of what can be for someone special interest. In any case, if you began to think that after you someone conducts photographic surveillance, it will not be superfluous to conduct additional checks on the premises detection of eavesdropping devices. Bugs can be installed in the most unexpected places and in the veiled form. And sometimes it requires a special approach to detect eavesdropping mobile phones. But this is different, and the work of employees detective agency in Gorodnia. Many of our customers say that our work - this is the best antiproslushka, which in principle can be used.






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