I was in a panic . My husband just took it and stopped to spend the night at home. He said that he met with friends, that they are having fun and nothing…

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Anonymous Ltd. company

Before the signing of the merger agreement, we decided to check out your future business partners. There were doubts about whether the firm who or what…

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Contacted the agency, when I suspect that my machine interface can be tracked. At first I thought it was my imagination. But I work at a job that involves…

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Surveillance specialists

Each person's work is his second home, where he spends most of his time. Well, for managers and owners of their own companies, this is also a native child, which must be protected, both from external and internal enemies, which is very useful in the surveillance of the office.

Surveillance of a person on the street

No matter how strong and open the relations in some families between children and parents are, sooner or later the moment comes when the child begins to grow up and hide some things from his moms and dads.

Professional surveillance of his wife

If you look at certain things correctly, then the head of the family is a man who is responsible for all his household


Detective agency in Borzna


The city Borzna detective agency "Private detective Chernigov" operates quite a long time, but almost from the first days of work in the village, our employees have time to gain the trust of new customers. And this is not surprising, since the other reactions the quality of our services simply can not produce. Our detective agency in Borzna has a very wide range of services, most of which relates directly to the decision quite personal, and sometimes intimate questions of our customers. And it is a private investigator in such situations it becomes the man who will always help, and its decisions will be qualified, promptly and efficiently.

The most frequent recourse to us due to the fact that a person begins to suspect that his or her partner is unfaithful. Unfortunately, in today's world lover or mistress - sometimes it is simply a fact of life for some people. And therefore, the identification of treason men or wife is an actual problem. Performed this service mainly through surveillance for suspected treason husband or wife. Our specially trained spies will not miss a single step of your second half, giving the work performed after the most detailed report. You will be aware of all the meetings of your partner, as well as what kind of character they wore. And this is a fairly reliable way to obtain reliable information about the change of the husband or wife. If adultery is really the place to be, the staff of our detective agency in Borzna certainly know about it. Naturally, the issue of confidentiality is not discussed in this case, all the results of our work on the hands once you get. We've never worked with a third party.

But apostate assure that his double life revealed, will conduct photographic surveillance, which allows to obtain conclusive evidence of guilt. We can also help you identify a predisposition to change, by means of a single test. This will help us to carefully pre-planned and verification of allegiance. To do this, we will be specially selected seducer or seductress who will be the most suitable type for the checked person. And our experience shows that such tests can create a really strong families, which are guaranteed in the future, even thought there is not a divorce because of infidelity women. Once and for all, you save yourself from the fear that your husband or your wife can you change, you no longer have to hold the external observation of its second half, because you're sure it one hundred percent. Shadowing the man for you will be the only part of the detective scenario, but in no way to treat your family life. But even if you and there will be any doubt, you can always back contact our detective agency to our staff themselves have been investigated and again dispel your doubts.

Another option, which allows you to always guaranteed to find the truth - a polygraph test. To date, absolutely any city dweller Borzna can use such services. Lie detector - this is a win-win, which is used not only in family matters, but also any other. And it is important that there are no double standards and no other options, but the truth or falsehood.

search wiretaps

Apart from that you can use in principle we have such a service as the collection of information about a person. And all the data that we collect for you, initially you set yourself. For us it is important to understand what you are interested in - just banal facts from the biography of a person or a working relationship, social circle and other information. Database phones for people we will not be difficult to determine who sends you a message or a strange ringing with incomprehensible numbers. Especially since there is a possibility even just set the address on the phone. And we can make every effort to find a person by phone number or search for it by name. Such methods are widely used when people search is conducted. We have our own database, which allows you to search people by name. A search of relatives can be organized not only in Borzna, but even in any other country.

Another quite popular activities of our detective agency - is to check the premises to detect listening devices. Why would you need such antiproslushka? Just finding bugs can only help direct participation of professionals that do not amount to much of a problem to detect eavesdropping mobile phones.






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