I was in a panic . My husband just took it and stopped to spend the night at home. He said that he met with friends, that they are having fun and nothing…

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For many years I worked in a large company. My work is very dear to me. One day there was a bad situation: forged my signature on important documents.…

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I met a girl at the center of the city during the holiday. I was so modest knowledge of it, I would have never found it myself. After sitting on the…

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Surveillance specialists

Each person's work is his second home, where he spends most of his time. Well, for managers and owners of their own companies, this is also a native child, which must be protected, both from external and internal enemies, which is very useful in the surveillance of the office.

Surveillance of a person on the street

No matter how strong and open the relations in some families between children and parents are, sooner or later the moment comes when the child begins to grow up and hide some things from his moms and dads.

Professional surveillance of his wife

If you look at certain things correctly, then the head of the family is a man who is responsible for all his household

Services of private detectives in Chernigov

If you are thinking that you need the services of detectives in Chernigov, then most likely you are in a rather difficult position, because from personal experience we can say that generally people turn detective agency is already in a very difficult situation. But the main advantage of our detective agency is that we can not only help solve the most difficult, complicated and seemingly hopeless situations, but also to provide for the challenges on the threshold of which you can already stand. Our range of services is quite diverse and can solve the problems of not only ordinary people of Chernigov, but also representatives of various organizations.


It is also worth mentioning that here presented is not the whole list of our services. Therefore, if you do not find the solution of the issue on its website, call our specialists. And we are confident that even this problem will be resolved fairly quickly by our private detectives. Cost of services detective depends on many factors and is always calculated individually.